This is the description of EXT5214DD

4 Thread flat bed top and bottom differential feed overlock sewing machine

with top and bottom feeding, high quality products with no twisting or plyshifting can be achieved.

The top and bottom feed dogs are independently driven.

The stopper regulates the path of the to feed dog just before it contacts the bottom ones, thus no wrinkle is produced on the fabric during sewing  with increased feeding distance.

large differential feed ratios can be obtained. these features increase feeding efficiency.



Suitable material thin material, medium-heavy material
Needle DCX27 11#
Stitch length 3.8mm
Stitch width 4-6mm
Needle quantity 2
Thread quantity 4
Height of presser foot 5mm
Sewing speed 7000rpm
Differential ratio 0.7-2
HS code 845229

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